Syria Civil War 2016 In Photos


January 5- Iranian Protesters burn the Saudi embassy over the killing of a prominent Shiite cleric. This led to further tensions in the Middle East causing even more uncertainty within the larger Saudi-Iranian proxy war, which Syria is a huge part of.
January 15- Syrian Army soldiers celebrate the capture of Salma, one of the few remaining rebel strongholds in the Latakia Province.
January 17- A massacre is committed in besieged Dier-ez-Zor when ISIS kidnaps 400 residents from the government-held part and executes many of them.
January 31- The Islamic State sent in two car bombs near the Sayyida Zeinab Shrine south of Damascus. This attack was meant to kill the Shiite population and ended up killing around 70 with over 100 wounded.


February 3- Residents in the Shiite vilages of Nubl and Zahara celebrate the Syrian Army linking up with the troops stationed inside the city. They were under siege for a few years until the army linked up with them.
February 5- Residents in the Azaz-Mare region, now cut off from the rest of the rebels in Aleppo, travel to Turkey with hope they’ll be accepted as refugees.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura arrive for a news conference after the International Syria Support Group meeting in Munich
February 12- After a lot of negotiation, the United States of America and the Russian Federation agree a ceasefire must come into effect nation-wide between the rebels and the Syrian government.
An Islamic State fighter gestures while being held as prisoner with fellow fighters under Democratic Forces of Syria fighters as they ride a pick-up truck near al-Shadadi town, Hasaka countryside
February 18- An Islamic State fighter being help prisoner by the SDF gestures while someone took a picture of him. He was captured in the southern part of the Al-Hasakah Governorate during a large SDF offensive.
February 23- The New Syrian Army, a newly formed US-backed group, recaptured the Al Tanf border crossing between Syria and Iraq from the Islamic State. At the time they were seen as being a force that could take much of the Syrian desert, however they are now defunct.


March 13- Rebels face further disunity as Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria) takes Marrat Al-Nu’man from the hands of more moderate Free Syrian Army soldiers.
March 15- In an unexpected move, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, orders the main part of the Russian military in Syria to be withdrawn citing strategic goals have been reached.
March 24- Syrian Army Soldiers reach Palmyra and inspect a mansion that was previously owned by the Qatari royal family. The same family that funds fighters who battle them across Syria.
March 26- The Syrian Army recaptures all of Palmyra from the Islamic State. Many of the ruins from the ancient city were destroyed but some such as the Palmyra Castle (pictured) remain standing.


April 2- Militants from the Jaysh Al-Fateh collation pose as they recapture Tel Al-Eis back from Shiite millitas in Southern Aleppo. This offensive was seen as a big reason as to why the ceasefire signed earlier fell apart.
April 2- Rebels from different factions who previously had hostilities embrace each other in Aleppo Province before an operation.
April 2- The monastery of Saint Elian was taken back from the Islamic State as the Syrian Army recaptured Al-Qaryatan, a Christian town. Many of the residents either fled or were killed when the Islamic State took over.
April 19- A man in the Idlib Province looks around in shock as a market place was bombed by the Syrian Air Force.


May 3- Residents of Eastern Ghouta march for rebel unity in wake of rebel infighting which left hundreds dead and let the Syrian Army make big, quick advances on their territory.
May 5- Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to spectators in the Roman Theater in Palmyra following its capture from the Islamic State in March. Putin had the Mariinsky Symphony Orchestra play for Russian and Syrian soldiers as well as the citizens of Palmyra. This move was seen as the Russian government showcasing its newfound power through their successes in Syria.


June 1- Men sit around the streets of Daraya waiting for aid. Aid was scarce in Daraya as the government tried hard to retake the city due to its close proximity to central Damascus.
June 4- After being expelled from the Raqqa province for more than two years, the Syrian Army re-enters the one province it had no presence in.
June 22- The Islamic State rout the Syrian Army on their road to Raqqa and push them back to their pre-offensive positions. This was an embarrassing loss for the government and showed that the Islamic State, although on the back foot, could still defend its territory.
June 21- The remains of a bomb of a Russian Air Force raid that destroyed a base used by the New Syrian Army close to the Jordanian border. This brought a lot of tension as it was later said that British and American special forces were earlier at that very same base.


VIDEO: Syrian Army Liberates Key Mallah Farms, Makes Important Advance in Aleppo
July 14- The Syrian Army take the Mallah Farms. This area gave them fire control over the Castello Road. This operation de-facto put rebel-held Aleppo under siege and paved the way for the actual siege.
July 15- Supporters of the current Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, climb on top of a tank of soldiers trying to commit a military coup. This event initially was met with great optimism in Government-held Syria, but quickly faded as the Turkish government regained control and soon started their Euphrates Shield operation in Syria.
July 19- Members from the Nour al-Din al-Zenki movement, the previously US-vetted Syrian opposition group, take a picture of a captured Palestinian boy whom they proceed to behead. This was all taped and caused universal condemnation from across the world. Many in the West questioned whether or not the rebels were a good option for the future of Syria.


August 1- A Russian helicopter is downed over rebel-held Idlib Province killing all five on board. A dead pilot is dragged across the ground by the rebels that shot down the Mi-8. This move was popular among rebels and their supporters as they saw this as payback for the current siege in Aleppo.
August 5- Majd Eddin Ghazal, a high jumper from Damascus, bears the flag for Syria at the Olympics during the opening ceremony.
August 7- Residents in East Aleppo celebrate the ending of the siege. This was a huge morale boost to the rebels as victories were scarce since the start of the Russian intervention.
August 13- A woman formerly under the control of ISIS hugs a YPJ (Women’s Protection Unit) fighter following the liberation of Manbij.
August 16- Russian jets were stationed in Iran for bombing raids in Dier-ez-zor. This was a huge development as it showed closer relations between the two main backers of the Syrian government.
August 18- 5 year old Syrian boy Omar Daqneesh from Eastern Aleppo, sits in an ambulance awaiting treatment following an airstrike. He was one of many children in both Eastern and Western Aleppo to be hurt due to the ongoing battle.
August 25- A little girl is out in the streets smiling as the Islamic State is pushed out the city of Jarbulus. This operation signified the beginning of Euphrates Shield, a joint Turkish Army and rebel force meant to push out the Islamic State and limit Kurdish gains west of the Euphrates River.
August 26- A rebel fighter takes one last glance at destroyed Daraya before exiting the city to be transported to Idlib. The fall of Daraya was a huge loss for the rebels as not only was it close to central Damascus, but it was also a symbol of the original revolution to overthrow the government.


September 6- The Syrian Arab Army once again besieges Eastern Aleppo. Many residents of Eastern Aleppo experienced a huge shortage of supplies.
September 8- In Modamiyeh,Damascus Countryside, rebels and government lay down arms and take a photo together. With the smoothness of the reconciliation of this town and neighboring Darayya many more towns reconciled with the government.
September 9- United States Secretary of State, John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister, Sergery Lavrov, agree to a new ceasefire to take place in Syria and agree to both fight the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.
September 18- A Syrian Army soldier is being treated after accidentally being bombed by the Collation Air Forces. It is still unclear as to which individual countries bombed the Air Force, but the United States has issued an apology to the families and has said they will pay the soldier’s families.
September 19- A UN aid convoy in Western Aleppo countryside is destroyed after an airstrike. This led to huge tensions and this happened just a few hours after the ceasefire previously agreed ended. The UN suspended aid operations following this event.
September 25- Fighters from the Palestinian pro-Government militia, Liwa al-Quds, celebrate as they recapture the Handarat Refugee Camp. The camp was put in place for displaced Palestinians and many of the fighters either lived there or originated from there.


October 2- Rebels backed by Turkish firepower advance of the Islamic State held town of Dabiq. This offensive was very publicized as according to the Islamic State, Dabiq will be the location of the final battle of the world.
October 10- During a debate against the other presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, current President-elect Donald Trump openly went against the policy of his own running mate and argued the US should not support the rebels. He went on to say while he doesn’t like Assad, he supports his fight against Islamic terrorists. His election was met with optimism in Moscow and Damascus.
A damaged classroom is pictured after shelling in the rebel held town of Hass, south of Idlib province
October 26- A school is damaged in a bombing raid in the town of Haas in the Idlib Countryside. This attack killed many civilians and many condemned the governments of Russia and Syria for the death of children.


Schoolchildren evacuate a school after shelling by Syrian rebels on government-held western Aleppo
November 20- Teacher and children run away from their now-destroyed school in Western Aleppo. The rebels fired mortars on Western Aleppo in retaliation for losses on the ground.
November 27- The elite Tiger Forces recapture the largest rebel-held district in Aleppo, Hanano. This breach in the rebel lines eventually led to their collapse and subsequent surrender in Aleppo.
November 28- The Syrian Army and Kurdish YPG flags fly together over Aleppo. Despite hostilities throughout the year, signs indicate that cooperation between the two factions are plausible.


December 14- The Islamic State advances on the Syrian Army in the Homs Province. After a year of setbacks across Syria, The Islamic State pushed the Syrian Army out of Palmyra and attempted to capture the Tiyas Airbase.
December 19- The Russian Ambassador to Turkey is killed by a off-duty Turkish police officer who in his tirade after killing the ambassador, claims this was in retaliation for Aleppo and yelled “Allah Akbar” multiple times. Putin vowed to find out who was responsible and promised to ramp up the fight on terrorism.
December 20- Foreign Ministers of the governments of Russia, Turkey and Iran meet to discuss the Syrian conflict. This was notable as this conference went on despite the killing of the Russian ambassador in Turkey and the notable omission of the United States.
December 21- Bana Alabed, a seven year old girl from Eastern Aleppo, and her family were evacuated from Eastern Aleppo following a deal with the Syrian Government. She and her mother ran a popular Twitter account wihich attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. Following the evacuation,Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, invited her and her family to Ankara.
December 22- Russian President, Vladimir Putin, pays his respects to the Russian ambassador who was killed in Turkey.
December 22- Aleppans celebrate Christmas in the newly-safe Azizieh Square. People of all religions came together to celebrate the holiday.

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